Since 1990, NextPoint's principals have invested in more than 160 companies and more than 35 "going public" transactions. We have managed three top-quartile venture capital funds. We are focused on the people and the processes -- the best practices -- to build a successful business. We provide extensive assistance and a network of resources to entrepreneurs and managers to help them achieve their management objectives. We are your partners.

NextPoint Partners III is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests $250,000 to $4 million in technology companies, mostly in the software, internet, media, and communications industries, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our venture investments include: WebMethods, XtremeSpectrum, Covelight, and Visual Sciences. NextPoint Transition Fund is a private equity "hybrid" hedge fund that invests $3-15 million in operating companies, mostly with fair market values between $20-100 million, with management teams seeking to transition into exchange-listed public companies within two years. Our investments include: CampusU, Inc.

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